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A Proposal to prevent and control nCoV to teachers and students at Guizhou University
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Dear teachers and students,

Happy Spring Festival!

At present, the epidemic situation of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus in China is quite serious. A leading team has established in the Central Government of China. The first level response to public health emergencies has started in our province. On January 24, Guizhou University issued the “Notice on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus”, and deployed the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, requiring all departments to do the best to prevent and control the epidemic situation at Guizhou University.



There are quite a number of teachers and students from all over China, covering more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. In addition, there are international students and teachers from all over the world. During the winter vacation and Spring Festival, teachers and students are reuniting with families. This brings difficulties to the work of joint defense and control due to the large population flow. In order to ensure health and life safety of our teachers and students, we hereby propose the following suggestions.


First, understand the epidemic situation correctly, and raise awareness of prevention. To learn the prevention knowledges of pneumonia caused by new coronavirus and take preventive and protective measures. During the winter vacation and the Spring Festival, do not organize and participate in any social activities, do not visit relatives and friends, be sure to reduce unnecessary travel, avoid airless and encloseure space, public places and crowded places. Pay attention to the information of the epidemic situation through official channels and authoritative media. Do not believe and spread rumors. Facing the epidemic situation correctly and eliminate unnecessary panic. Please be ventilate at home and wear a mask when going out. Keep regular diet and adequate sleep, exercise appropriately, enhance physical fitness and immunity.


Second, comply with the prevention and control requirements, and actively cooperate with the prevention and control. In response to the epidemic situation,relevant prevention and control measures and plans have been issued all over China. Teachers and students should actively observe and cooperate, enhance awareness of disease prevention and self-protection ability. Seek for medical help as soon as possible and report to the University if respiratory infection symptoms developed, such asfa fever, tussiculation, acratia and breathing difficulty. Teachers and students with recent experience in Hubei or returning from Hubei should consciously observe at home. If there is a history of close contact with confirmed or suspected new coronavirus cases, please report to the Office of International Relations or the College of International Education. Try to avoid close contact with poultry and livestock, do not kill, buy, eat wild animals. Eat cooked food and cook meat and eggs thoroughly.



Third, keep in touch with faculties of GU, and follow the arrangements of GU. Keep in touch with faculties from the Office of International Relations or the College of International Education, and report your personal condition in time. Pay close attention to your health. If there is any abnormality, seek for medical help in time, cooperate with the local disease control department to do epidemic tracking and report to the Office of International Relations or the College of International Education. Students should not return to the University in advance without permission of GU. Please cooperate with faculties of GU after returned to campus.



 We are facing an unexpected epidemic war, but we believe the victory will come once we fight together.



Hope you enjoy your winter vacation and Spring Festival.

Emergence contact and phone number:0851-88292178




                                       Guizhou University

                                          26th Jan, 2020


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